A Speech-Language Pathology graduate, traveler, advanced scuba diver, nascent surfer, photographer and videographer based in the Philippines who aims to inspire people to live while making a living.

People have always been my main source of happiness, and it’s a delight to hopefully encourage you to thrive and travel via visual storytelling.

ekagomez KL cam
“She walked with her thoughts for they were gentle and comforting.”


After being urged for a year, I mustered the courage to chase my passion and put up this site.

I won’t teach you how to spend the most minimal amount possible BUT I’m going to help you spend… wisely

You know what I hate the most? It’s coming back from a trip and being asked,
“Have you tried insert place/food/activity I didn’t try? It was insert a positive adjective!”

and having to grumble,
“No, I didn’t.”

I couldn’t stand the thought of leaving a place without experiencing the best it could offer. I want you to make the most out of your trips: what to do, where to eat, where best to take photos and videos, and how to fall in love with the most natural things in life.

Traveling is not just about reaching destinations; it’s about creating journeys.