One of my favorite get-away destinations just keeps getting better and better. Early 2016, the city of Batangas received a novice yet now remarkable player in the aquatic playground. Our featured ride has been piquing people’s interests for a while now, including the Biyahe ni Drew crew who were documenting Batangas.

After our dive at Acacia Resort, I was invited to try this ride. Since this year is about giving a big “Yes!” to more opportunities, adventures, and everything I used to think I’ll never do, there is no way I’m leaving Batangas without experiencing this ride!

They call it the “Manta Ray Dive Wing” and it’s my pride and joy to tell you everything I know about it. 😉

Where in Batangas?

At  Sicilian Reef Dive Resort in Anilao. Anilao is a paradise for aquatic and diving enthusiasts who want a quick getaway (2-3hr drive) from the bustling day-to-day urban life. It can be Wazed if you’re using a car, and it’s also accessible by boat. This resort claims to offer the first and only Manta Ray Dive Wing experience in Luzon.

What is Manta Ray Dive Wing?

Its a board patterned after the shape of manta rays. It lets you dive underwater just by gripping on its wing that’s being towed by a jetski.

Maneuver its wings under the bluest Philippine waters, witness Anilao’s impressive reefs as a relaxed passenger, and challenge your breath support in just your mask and swimwear. Imagine the adrenaline rush! I love feeling at one with the ocean, and this 15-minute ride definitely fulfilled my mermaid fantasies.✨

Is it difficult?

Definitely not! I believe anyone can try it too. The wing is surprisingly easy to control, with minimal physical force necessary. You just have to slightly steer the wing downwards to glide underwater or  tilt it upwards to resurface (and breathe). That’s it!

When we went there, the resort owner, Mr. Umali, just finished constructing the advanced manta ray dive wing. If the basic one lets you glide like a manta ray, the advanced one lets you tilt both sides of the board a.k.a. wings to go round and round the ocean. Since it was our first time, we only tried the basic wing even though it was tempting to christen the advanced one. One battle at a time!

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetThe orange board is the new and advanced wing while the white board is the basic (but equally exhilarating) wing. More reasons to go back!

How to capture this ekscapade?

The instructors will mount your GoPro/action camera and tie it to the rope that connects the jetski to the wing. Bring your own underwater camera and make sure it has at least 20 minutes video capacity. 📹

How much does the ride cost?

500 pesos per head for 15 minutes.

We, Filipinos, are lucky to be surrounded by beautiful waters. Reconnect with her. Protect her. Be proud of her. Cheers to the underwater world!

For reservations and other information:
Sicilian Reef Dive Resort
Contact number: 09154073554