Nothing beats the ocean and great company! Couldn’t think of a better way to have spent this holiday. ✨

There’s a powerful and inexplicable vibe I get from LU’s ocean and community that I want to immerse myself in on every visit.

On this particular trip, I was lucky enough to stay for 5 days, live in 5 different places, and meet new cliques. The ocean has a way of bringing people together, and I’m thankful to have spent my birthday here last year. Little did I know that my August 2016 trip would be the beginning of a newfound love for surfing. 😊 I keep coming back, and even though the forecast said it’s going to be flat that weekend, I still chose to spend the Labor Day weekend in this wonderful town.

While I was editing the #LaborUnion2017 video, I couldn’t help but smile along when I realized that majority of the clips were of people smiling and laughing. Happiness  consumed each and everyone, that I never had to direct them to do anything else but be themselves.

A lot of people asked where we went to freedive in La Union. It’s at Ocean Deep in San Fernando. I know it seemed crazy, but here’s the back story: It was flat that Sunday in San Juan and I was with friends who are into free diving (and on being loyal lovers of the sea).  We were itching for adrenaline rush that wouldn’t involve getting stung by jellyfishes (they were also partying in San Juan that weekend), and since surfing was a no-go, we had this crazy idea of finding a dive spot instead. Thank you, Google. We drove to San Fernando and rented gears. Best. Decision.

I also finally hiked to Tangadan Falls! See what another flat day in San Juan can do?

Every trip to surf town feels like the first time, and it pains me to have to leave because I also have a different life awaiting in Manila. I was left with an all consuming need to return to La Union the moment I hopped in the car… Editing these videos felt like a bittersweet reward. Hope you enjoyed them! 🤙🏼

Canon G5x and GoPro Hero 4
Surfspot in the drone shot: Bacnotan
Freedive spot: Ocean Deep, San Fernando, La Union
Cliffdive spot: Long trail to Tangadan Falls, San Gabriel, La Union